Turns Out Mark Hamill Has Had A Larger Presence In Disney’s Star Wars Movies Than We Thought


Turns Out Mark Hamill Has Had A Larger Presence In Disney’s Star Wars Movies Than We Thought

Mark Hamill reveals that he had a bigger presence in the Star Wars films than we thought.

The Line Mark Hamill Begged George Lucas To Cut From Star Wars

George Lucas is many things, but a great writer of dialogue is not one of them. Even in the original Star Wars film, some of the dialogue is a bit wooden, and it apparently could have been a lot worse—we’re talking prequels bad.

Mark Hamill shared an anecdote back in 1977 about a line that he outright begged George Lucas to cut from the script, and he finally got his wish. The line referenced two planets that had no significance to the story, and it would have sounded completely unnatural in the context of the movie. Here’s the line Mark Hamill begged George Lucas to cut from Star Wars.

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All 50+ times Mark Hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi/force awakens and Disney

Mark Hamill regrets everything he said about not being happy with star wars the last jedi, saying he regrets having said anything. He now says the film is “an all time great” which is suspiciously counter to everything he’s said in the past about the new star wars films. If anything Hamill has always come off like he hates the force awakens and the last jedi in countless press screenings, and interviews etc…It has seemed as if hamill was trying to warn us? Is this real “regret” or an order from the heads of disney?? I have 50+ clips that support the latter…

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Mark Hamill Slams The Sequel Trilogy & Disney’s Use Of Luke Skywalker! (Star Wars Explained)

With many new star wars tv series coming out by jon favreau and dave filoni under disney and lucasfilm like the mandalorian season 3, star wars ahsoka series and bad batch season 2….we also have kathleen kennedy developing the acolyte and skeleton crew…we will be going into some star wars leaks and star wars news that involves mark hamill and luke skywalker as well as the star wars sequel trilogy….this star wars leak will also involve disney as a company and their treatment of luke in the sequels. This will also involve george lucas and his feelings toward the sequel trilogy films and more.


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