That Awesome Darth Vader Scene In Rogue One Nearly Wasn”t In The Star Wars Movie


That Awesome Darth Vader Scene In Rogue One Nearly Wasn’t In The Star Wars Movie

Rogue One editor Kevin Hickman shared a crazy detail about the Star Wars movie’s reshoots.

The Vader Hallway Scene ALMOST Didn’t Happen! | Behind the Magic of Star Wars pt. 37 #Shorts

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Did you know that the iconic Vader hallway scene in Rogue One almost didn’t happen. The Vader hallway scene was undoubtedly the best moment to come out of the movie, but the conception of this idea was a little unconventional. Unlike most of the awesome scenes in the movie, the iconic Vader scene wasn’t pre planned. It was never in the script for Vader to have a moment like this. According to director Gareth Edwards, the scene was only conceived after the entire film was already shot. It was only then did they realise that they were missing a little something for Vader and to close off the film. And so just 4 months before the release of the film, the crew pulled together for a last minute effort to give us this…

Best Of Darth Vader’s Lines In Star Wars Movies (Rogue One Included)

Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character.This video highlights Vader’s sense of humor, and how he can be sarcastic and threatening 🙂 I uploaded here what I consider to be his best lines. What are your favorite lines?
I already uploaded this video on my old YouTube channel “Darth Magistra”, which was unfortunately deleted. In this new video, I added lines from Rogue One, and also one or two lines from the original trilogy that were missing in the first upload.

Remember this Guy from Rogue One?

When Andor arrives on Narkani 5 he runs into a familar face.

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The Best and Most Honest Reaction to the end of Rogue One

This young woman is all of us as Rogue One ties it’s ending to the beginning of the original Star Wars.

EDIT: We have located the source for this video! Here is is, complete with backstory: &

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