When I first came to the sessions I felt that my life was out of control and there were fears regarding my future as it seemed daunting and I felt overwhelmed with panic about the situation I was in. The redundancy had happened fairly quickly and it felt that I was under pressure to adapt quickly to the situation and there was also guilt around the young people that I had left without anything in place to support their needs and without a chance of an ending or goodbye. I had a good relationship with the young people that I worked with and I would never have intentionally just abandoned them, so that was really difficult for me to accept the manner in which it all happened. It was really helpful when I met with Stanter to be able to share some of my experiences and not feel judged in any way. I really felt completely safe and there was a genuine rapport and understanding of my situation. The sessions enabled me to gain some structure and routine back to my life and build on my new identity.

Tanya-Lyons-Story-Board--Kirklees--mindfulness-and-MH-1I found that the breathing techniques helped to relax and calm me almost instantly and gave me back a sense of control. Mindfulness was extremely helpful and the ability to see things from a different perspective was really useful. I gained a lot of insight and I learnt to change some of my limited beliefs and inner self talk that was no longer serving me. I realised that what I was thinking was producing an emotional state within (feeling) and that by changing my thoughts I could change what I was feeling. Stanter helped me to set achievable goals and they were evaluated from session to session, there was sometimes some resistance to change and at times my self discipline dwindled but we worked on that together and with some positive motivation I found that I was soon back on track. I realised that we often take steps forward and sometimes backwards but that is part of the course and not to beat ourselves up when things don’t go exactly to plan, but to be patient and compassionate with ourselves as growth and change are never totally linear.

My stress levels definitely reduced significantly and my anxiety eased from having the sessions, they could easily have escalated and become disabling and chronic. The sessions helped me realise that there was opportunity amidst the despair and by believing in myself and my abilities I could make a positive difference. I feel very fortunate for having the support there when I needed it most and the exercises that I learnt have enabled me to become more resilient, flexible and provided me with resources to draw upon and incorporate into my life. I went on to open up my own business in holistic therapies and I have also trained in life coaching, EFT and Cognitive Synesthic Therapy since, so that I can help others move forward with their lives and make a positive contribution to society. I feel that my life has really transformed and I am calmer, confident and optimistic than I have ever been in my life!

Thank you so much for your help.

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