Describe your client, e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, special needs etc. and how you made contact with this person?

68, female, white British. No known special needs.Initial contact responded to leafleting of local area.

What did they want help with?

Coping with stress

How did you help this person and what worked well?

Client had a lot of relationship issues that were causing stress and these seemed overwhelming. I gave the client space to express this before focussing on what was achievable and introducing stress reduction techniques.

What difficulties did you have and how did you overcome them.

The client initially felt powerless to change her situation. I enabled her to rethink this by directing focus towards what she had the power to change, rather than the whole situation.

What did this person achieve, including changes to their lifestyle?

She began using stress reduction techniques which she found useful. I referred her to MIND’s Stress and Anxiety Management course which she also found empowering. As a result she was able to make stress reducing changes to her life that she had previously thought impossible.

What did you learn from helping this person? What would you do differently next time?

This client reminded me of the importance of allowing clients to start from where they really are. I would maybe have encouraged her to have a session or two more to help her look at other possibilities, but evaluation and follow up show she was extremely happy with the HT service (“It’s brilliant! It’s helped me a lot!”), and is maintaining the changes she made.

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