The client came to me as a young working mum stressed and finding life tough. She had been referred by her GP. She has two daughters 9 and 6 and is a wife as well. She was feeling down and fed up about being told by her Doctor that she was clinically obese and having to be referred to a Health Trainer.

Following our meetings she realised that her and her family needed to change their lifestyle. I have been working with her, encouraging and supporting her. After discussions was referred to Healthwise as an option and I went with her to her first visit to Cafe West as she was not wanting to go on her own. She works part-time.

The exercise kick-started her into wanting to do more exercise and we talked about joining a gym and she was referred to BEEP. I went with her to visit Thornton Leisure Centre for her first visit as again she did not want to exercise and go alone. She then embarked on regular exercise. After a small operation my client was unable to go to the gym but kept on watching what she was eating and changing her diet and eating more healthy.

My client went to Cook and Eat sessions at Cafe West and also enjoyed swimming, bike riding, walking with her family and walking the dog. She changed her diet and was eating smaller quantities and cut out takeaways, chocolates and sweets. She says “When I saw some weight falling off it made me more aware of what I needed to do.” She has lost over a stone and a half and has dropped 2 dress sizes and is determined to continue the change of lifestyle but accepts it is not easy. It has been made much easier with the help of her Health Trainer who she has met with regularly to see her on this journey.

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