I was determined to make more of an effort to get out of the house, I had suffered numerous light strokes which had partially disabled me, I could walk with the aid of 2 sticks but had lots of bad depressing day’s and knew these would continue if I didn’t make more of an effort.

I got in touch with the health trainer service and they sent along a senior health trainer to see me at home. When I met Janet I was at one of my many low days, she encouraged me to take a few steps to go out, it felt such a big effort and my tummy did more than one tumble, but once I had done it I felt such of an achievement – I was so pleased I had managed to go out. We got as far as my bus stop one day, and I knew I could do more. Janet’s visit had done well for me but we both knew I needed more help, so Janet passed me onto a health trainer in Shipley (also called Janet!) who continued to support me – and after a few weeks she helped me to decide what route to take, by finding out where I would be most suited and helping me with different ideas. I told her I fancied having a go at computers.

My health trainer managed to get me in touch with the team at the Isis centre, we went along to a coffee morning and (my confidence regarding going to places alone was nil and as I still felt a little low I did need to be accompanied). After being introduced to the Isis team I decided I would enrol on a computer course. I also started to go to a gentle exercise class but unfortunately due to lack of funding that group had to fold, but I enrolled onto another computer course at Baildon Link, which I really enjoy and now I have been accepted at the Cellar Project, which is yet another different course in computing.

My aim is to do some training regarding maybe some counselling and hopefully in time help others who have had the same problems in life as me. I have also applied to become a volunteer at BRI Hospital and I have now had a CRB check and am ready to visit whenever they need me. I have been in hospital so many times over the last few years and I have seen so many people without visitors, I know how much I appreciated my visitors I feel I could make life a bit happier for some lonely people in hospital.

I feel with the help of my health trainers I have come along way but I still need a gentle push every so often and there are still times I want to quit when my depression is really bad, but I ring my health trainer Janet in Shipley and after a chat most times I feel I can carry on. And I know she has helped me stay on track, some days are still bad but I know I have moved on now.

I would recommend the Health Trainer Service to anyone who feels the need for support; my health trainers have helped me in more ways than one. I still have bad depression some days but when I realise how far I have come since the beginning of this year it is amazing – I now no longer sit at home feeling fed up. I get on the bus by myself whenever I want and go along to my computer classes, or maybe just go for a coffee and a chat. I now no longer feel I have to stay in and I have met people within groups and my confidence is coming back. I know I still have a long way to go, but I have come along way this year and hope to continue taking the small steps I now take. Thank You to the Health Trainers.

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