In 2015

  • With only two  exceptions, every district in the region is now commissioning Health Trainer services.
  • The numbers of health trainers and Health Trainer champions across the region has remained relatively stable, with some districts seeing reductions and others increases.
  • Health Trainer services across the region have continued to meet quarterly to support each other and to share and develop best practice.


Services in Yorkshire and Humber

Services vary considerably in size, focus and organisational structure/location. Although a service may be active, not all services have web pages. Please contact your local public health department to find out about your local service or simply search via the internet. Most Health Trainer Services in the region are located in disadvantaged communities or are targeted at communities of interest such as carers, ex-offenders, etc. In line with the national figures, we estimate that at least 65% of clients in the region are from super output areas within the lowest two quintiles of deprivation.


Services developed with the support of the Y&H regional Health Trainer Hub team which worked from 2006 to 2011. During that time we saw the growth of services across the region with  between 100 and 200 Health Trainers working in the region. Some services also trained Health Trainer Champions who are generally volunteers from communities with the worst health experience. Health Trainer Champions engage with local people and ‘signpost’ them to Health Trainer services.  Some Health Trainer Champions were serving prisoners.

A key role for the regional team was to support the development of services in the region, and the team worked closely with Health Trainer Programme Coordinators  to help them to set up the operational systems needed to run an effective service and to recruit, train and support Health Trainers. All Health Trainer Services are members of the regional hub which continues to have four meetings through the year to share information and provide mutual support.

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