A and B began using our service in April 2011 as follow up support after having been on the health bus. When they signed up B was not very hopeful, weighing in at 17st 11lb, he said he’d tried to loose weight before, but had no success. Both A and B had health problems that were made worse by being over weight. A got very short of breath when exercising, and B had asthma and had to use pumps a also smoked. On their first visit they were asked to do a food diary and bring it to our next session, on receipt of the food diary we discussed what could be changed in their diet, we agreed the changes, and suggested they incorporate some light exercise. By their next visit, A had lost 3lb, and B had lost 8lb. They were both over the moon, and carried on working hard. Over the next 3ths B lost 2 stone and A lost 1 stone. A has also given up smoking, and B no longer needs his Asthma pumps. They have said how much better they feel and how their new eating habits have become a way of life. They have now become health champions for our service.

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