The East Midlands Health Trainer Partnership Hub has been active across the region since 2007, its role has been to support the strategic direction of health trainer service development and facilitate the sharing of best practice. When the Hub was established, before the commissioner provider separation, it worked with both commissioners and providers of services. Following the commissioner/ provider separation agreement was made within the East Midlands to become a forum for commissioners and has been as such since 2009.

Throughout 2011/2012 the East Midlands Health Trainer Hub has continued to support health trainer service commissioners but more widely been supporting developments in the field of behaviour change.

The East Midlands Health Trainer Hub has fulfilled its function with existing Health Trainer Service Commissioners as the commissioning of Health Trainer Services and data collection is embedded within those local organisations and a network among them is firmly established so that the exchanging of learning and practice will take place as needed at a local level.

The role of the Hub throughout 2012/2013 will be to work within the context of Using Every Opportunity to Achieve Health and Wellbeing as a partnership forum to build health improvement capacity within the wider workforce. The forum will work with those organisations that have a lead responsibility for

  1. building the health improvement capacity by developing the skills of the wider workforce;
  2. improving the health and wellbeing of staff and service users.

The Hub will continue to support any new commissioners of Health Trainers Services i.e. Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities.

The Health Trainer Hub will of course remain a point of reference for existing Health Trainer Service commissioners and continue to cascade any necessary national or regional information to the local health communities and vice versa.

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