National Training Framework

CoreTraining for Health Trainers

Health Trainers have four competencies and their training should be designed to make sure they are competent in these before they see clients independently. The core competencies are:

  1. HT1 – Make relationships with Communities
  2. HT2 – Communicate with individuals about promoting their health and well-being
  3. HT3 – Enable individuals to change their behaviour to improve their own health and well-being
  4. HT4 – Manage and organise your own time and activities

The British Psychological Society Improving Health: Changing Behaviour NHS Health Trainer Handbook on behaviour change is the basis of training health trainers in competencies HT2, HT3 and HT4.

The City and Guilds have developed the National Health Trainer Award at level 3.  Delivery has to be through a City and Guilds registered centre and varies between a 20% / 80% taught / practice-based split to a 100% taught model – probably the most common split is 40% / 60% taught/ practice-based.

However in some regions eg Yorkshire and Humber,  most initial training for health trainers is either delivered by Health Trainer Services themselves or by trainers they commission.

Some services are now combining the RSPH Level 2 Awards in Understanding Health Improvement and in Behaviour Change (Health and Well Being) together with coverage of local roles and governance to form the initial training for health trainers.

The RSPH UHI level 2 award is mainly delivered either as a taught-only course or with an 80% / 20% split between taught and practice-based learning. Most candidates complete the RSPH level 2 award in 2 days.

Level 3 Certificate for Health Trainers

Core Training for Health Trainer Champions

The City & Guilds level 3 Certificate for Health Trainers is considered the National Standard for Health Trainer training and the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) level 2 Understanding Health Improvement (UHI) Award is generally considered as the best available basic training for Health Trainer Champions at the present time. (Health Trainer Champions are volunteers who support Health Trainers through awareness-raising and signposting people to Health Trainer Services).

Continual Professional Development

All health trainers and health trainer champions continue to have ongoing training tailored to meet their needs and the needs of the service. For example health trainers in Yorkshire and Humber have all had the opportunity to do the Mental Health First Aid training. Other Health Trainer Services provided training in, for example healthy eating and weight management and some train health trainers as stop smoking advisers.

For full details of both core and ongoing training contact your local Health Trainer Service.

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