Some Health Trainer Services have a position of Senior Health Trainer, sometimes called Specialist Health Trainer, Health Trainer Locality Lead or a similar title which indicates a greater level of responsibility than a health trainer.  These positions are usually graded at agenda for change band 4. Occasionally services have Band 5 jobs which incurs greater responsibilities as set out below.

Band 5 Health Trainer Locality Lead Job Description and Person Specification

An example of the role of a Health Trainer Locality Lead who supports the health trainers within a defined geographical area to:

  • Establish links with local groups and activities which operate in the defined area
  • Engage with local people with the aim of identifying those most affected by inequalities in health who would like to see a Health Trainer
  • Liaise with local agencies to arrange placements for one to one sessions with clients
  • Coordinate the work of Health Trainers and support them in practice
  • Undertake one to one interviews with clients to support them to develop a personal health action plan and make the health changes of their choice
  • Manage and organise their time and activities to support individuals in the community.
  • Provide supervision in the workplace for existing Health Trainers
  • Develop and maintain links with the local health improvement teams.

Health trainers will be supported in their work by:

  • Supervision/line management by the Programme Coordinator
  • Direct contacts with the locality health improvement team
  • Other Senior/Health Trainers.

The Health Trainer Locality Lead will also have a client case load.

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