rolesMost Health Trainer Services are small but some have a team of not just health trainers bu other  with various roles and responsibilities (see diagram).  Job titles of the roles associated with delivering Health Trainer services differ across the country. For example some services have developed roles for health trainers with additional supervisory responsibilities, in the diagram they are referred to as Health Trainer Locality Leads, in other districts they may be known as Senior Health Trainers, Team Leaders or other titles.  Some services have also developed support roles.  In the diagram this role is titled Programme Assistant, other services may have Programme Support Workers, Support Officers or other titles, again, the responsibilities are broadly similar. As well as these different jobs within Health Trainer Services a number of services have developed specialist roles for health trainers – for example to work in particular settings. For example, Social Prescribing Health Trainers work in Primary Care Settings, others may be linked to a particular area of work  e.g. obesity or long term conditions.

Follow these links for examples of job descriptions for health trainers and other roles in Health Trainer Services.

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