Skills for Health have worked with representatives from the British Psychological Society and for the Department of Health to take forward the development of national competences for the role of Health Trainer. The competences have been produced to:

  • Inform those taking forward the implementation of Health Trainers within local services of the nature of the health trainer role
  • Form the basis of the National City and Guilds award(s) for health trainers.

The core competencies are:

  1. HT1 – Make relationships with Communities
  2. HT2 – Communicate with individuals about promoting their health and well-being
  3. HT3 – Enable individuals to change their behaviour to improve their own health and well-being
  4. HT4 – Manage and organise your own time and activities

The  Health Trainer Handbook on behaviour change (see below) is the basis of training health trainers in competencies HT2, HT3 and HT4.

Alongside the competence framework the Department of Health and the British Psychological Society produced Improving Health: Changing Behaviour NHS Health Trainer Handbook to enable health trainers and health trainer services to support behaviour change. The handbook provides a guide to the behavior change process.

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