The role of the health trainer is to:

  • Engage with and support people to make healthy lifestyle choices in the context of their own lives and communities.
  • To raise awareness of the benefits of good health and to give practical support to help people improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in improving their lifestyles.
  • Focus on seldom heard communities that tend, on average, to have a poorer level of health.

The Health Trainer Handbook produced in 2008 describes the role in detail and the psychological evidence underpinning it and includes many practical tools for health trainers to use: British Psychological Society Improving Health: Changing Behaviour NHS Health Trainer Handbook.

Health trainers need to have a broad spectrum of knowledge and employ a wide range of public health skills that engage and motivate clients. These skills include:

  • Community engagement
  • Communication
  • Behaviour change theory
  • An understanding of health inequalities

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